The Quilt

It’s often said you should write what you know and I wanted to write songs about things in life that typically go unrecognised and can be under-valued. These are the quilts that keep us warm, the craft of raising children, the longing for our children not to grow up too quickly, the depth of female friendships and that many older women wear pearls- fabulously! The Quilt, a very personal album, is my attempt at spotlighting these wonderful and complex things in life.

  1. Don’t Grow Up So Fast
  2. Girlfriends
  3. Pearls
  4. The Quilt
  5. Proud
  6. Nothing Next To You
  7. Your Biggest Fan
  8. How Does That Make You Feel
  9. I Got A Dress
  10. I Think My Physio Is Into Me