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Source: Northern District Times. 17 October 2007.

Ami Williamson not only shares her country music father’s name but also his penchant for writing great Australian songs.

The daughter of John Williamson took out Parramatta’s Mars Hill song writing competition last month.

Performing three original songs, which included Big Moon, I Got a Dress and A Song For Wendy, Williamson won the judges over with her honest look at life.

This honesty has been poured into A Song For Wendy, an emotional piece about the death of a close friend.

“It seems to be one song that people react strongly to,” she said. “People have come up to me and said ‘that song brought tears to my eyes’.”

Growing up with a father who is an icon of Australian music has left an indelible mark on the singer/songwriter.

“I guess the fact that I had music around during my childhood was a big factor as to why I’m doing what I’m doing,” she said. “It feels very innate, organic and in my blood and it is only getting stronger as I get older.”

Williamson said she only came to realise her father’s fame after some schoolyard bullying.

“I guess I became aware of his music when I got knocked at school. Some of the other kids would change the words of True Blue to something crass.”

As winner of the competition, Williamson will head into the recording studio and have an EP of two songs released.

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